Latium Technologies launches Ingenious E-Sense

Maryam Farag   

Industry Resource Sector mining Technology

Photo: Latium Technologies.

Latium Technologies, an industrial IoT solutions provider, launched the Ingenious line of IoT technologies, first introducing the E-Sense device.

The Ingenious E-Senseis a non-invasive IoT sensor that provides mining companies with a better way to monitor networks of high-voltage cables for damage or faults. To date, this challenge has been a completely manual process.

“The idea for the E-Sense came from being told, ‘It can’t be done’,” said Tony Pecorilli, Co-founder and President, Latium . “Our mission has always been to push the boundaries on what people think is impossible.”

E-Sense allows maintenance teams to identify and replace damaged cables, “reducing costly downtime and eliminating manual processes.”


“The launch of the Ingenious sensor line is a major step for us,” said Mark Bryant, CEO, Latium Technologies. “This enables us to provide truly end-to-end digital transformation solutions to our clients that save time, improve safety, and enhance operational efficiency.”


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