Tories introduce latest budget bill, changes to foreign worker program

Changes are expected to include rules to ensure employers willfully seek Canadians for jobs before bringing in outside labour.

April 29, 2013   by The Canadian Press

OTTAWA – The Conservatives are set to introduce legislation today to implement their 2013 budget.

The bill will include changes to the temporary foreign workers program already outlined in the budget, which was unveiled last month.

The Tories have been musing about making changes to the program for over a year, but their work has taken on greater urgency amid growing concerns the system is being abused.

Most recently, the Royal Bank of Canada came under fire for using a supplier whose foreign workers allowed the bank to cut Canadian jobs.


The changes to the program are expected to include new rules to ensure employers make a suitable effort to find Canadians for jobs before they bring in outside labour.

The last two budget bills passed by the Conservative government created controversy by including dozens of measures not contained within the budget.

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