Supercar companies go after Chinese market [PHOTO GALLERY]

China’s super car market rose 32 per cent in 2010

November 25, 2011   by The Canadian Press with files from Matt Powell

MACAU, Macau—China’s superrich want supercars.

At least that’s what the makers of the world’s most expensive and exotic super cars are hoping at the first Asian edition of Monaco’s annual Top Marques show.

The supercar companies are chasing growth in China, which is churning out scores of new millionaires each year and is home to the world’s biggest auto market.

On display, among Ferraris and Lamborghinis, are lesser knows like Italy’s Pagani, West Richland Wash.-based SSC and Sweden’s Koenigsegg.


Check out the SSC Aero and Koenigsegg Agera in action.

Although the super car market is still China’s smallest, it rose 32 per cent to 18 million vehicles last year.

Lamborghini says it expects to sell about 350 cars in China this year, 70 per cent more than 2010.

Most Chinese Lamborghini buyers are worth at least $16 million. Nine in 10 pay in cash.

Get ready to drool over the best cars at this year’s show in the photo gallery below.

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