Pro-Or moving closer to commercializing platinum group metals recovery

A pre-feasibility study is awarded to engineering firm Seneca to expand a PGM prototype plant.

MONTREAL — Pro-Or Inc. has awarded a pre-feasibility study that will look at the extraction of platinum group metals (PGMs) to a Canadian engineering firm.

Seneca, an engineering firm with offices in Toronto and Montreal that specializes in industrial processes, will expand the design of a current prototype plant to a five-reactor commercial plant.

Pro-Or, a Montreal-based company that extracts precious metals recycled from industrial use, operates the plant, which recovers platinum, palladium and rhodium, near Quebec City in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures.

The project will focus on operating and capital cost estimates for a full-scale 200-tonnes per year plant.

The study is to be completed in June.

The extractor says its patented chlorination technology is a less capital-intensive and sustainable method than conventional ways to recover PGMs. It says its process recovers 97% of the metals, which will be used by the automobile industry. It also has a patented technology for chromite enrichment through the reduction of iron in gaseous form.

Pro-Or also holds the mineral rights to six mining properties and has focused exploration activities on its Menarik property in Quebec’s James Bay area, where there is a major chromite deposit place “occurrences” of gold, nickel, copper and PGMs.