Manufacturing hiring up, but the right people are hard to find

A new PwC report says manufacturers have a positive outlook for hiring in 2012, but continue to struggle to find the right people for the job

December 5, 2011   by Staff

TORONTO—Canadian manufacturers have a positive outlook on hiring activities for 2012, but finding the right people to do the work is proving difficult, according to a new report by PwC.

Half of the 38 Canadian manufacturers who responded to PwC’s Manufacturing Barometer study say they forecast hiring next year.

Only five per cent reported they plan to reduce their workforces, resulting in a net workforce projection of plus 1.2 per cent over the next year.

“Despite some doom and gloom surrounding the manufacturing industry of late, it is not all bad news for Canadian manufacturers,”says Calum Semple, consulting partner at PwC. “The mining, energy and aerospace industries in Canada are booming, creating strong demand for suppliers.”

But growth in the mining, energy, and aerospace industry can be a double-edged sword for manufacturers.

“While resource-rich industries are key drivers of demand; they also draw substantially on the supply of skilled workers,” says Semple. “Energy and mining companies are struggling to find qualified employees and their significant draw on employment is trickling down to their suppliers.”

Of the 50 per cent of companies looking to hire within the next 12 months, 45 per cent are seeking professionals and technicians while 26 per cent are looking for skilled labourers.

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