Growth Tips: The unseen enemy to sales success

Blame sticking with the status quo for no-decision outcomes.

Too many sales calls result in no-decision outcomes. There are several reasons for this, including poor selling practices, weak value propositions, incomplete understanding of prospect needs or aspirations, and no compelling reason to change. But there is also an unseen enemy to sales success – an addiction to the status quo. Here are three simple steps to help prospects kick the habit:

1. Establish why the prospect is sticking with the status quo. What is being sought or avoided? Provide reasons for moving on. Explore what the future would look like if problems holding them back were eliminated. Benefits of changing will have to be significant enough to warrant the cost of changing.

2. Prospects need to understand the negative consequences of maintaining the status quo. This is where a lot of sales calls fail. Your prospect has likely have lived with the negatives for some time. Reveal what the status quo is costing personally and financially.

3. Provide an outline showing how your prospect can make the necessary changes to abandon the status quo. This will create a positive impression that may be enough to swing the purchasing decision in your favour.

Andrew Shedden is an industrial marketing consultant who helps manufacturing and industrial (B2B) CEOs obtain rapid, sustainable, profitable growth. Visit for free resources.