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News Automotive Energy Business Operations Innovation & Technology Sustainability
April 20, 2023  

Canada’s EV battery contract with Volkswagen could be worth more than $13 billion

News Energy Government Industry Operations Sustainability
April 17, 2023  

US ready to lend Poland $4 billion for nuclear energy plan

News Automotive Manufacturing Business Operations Industry Sustainability
April 17, 2023  

Magna to engineer and build off road electric vehicle for industrial group Ineos

News Manufacturing Business Operations
April 17, 2023  

EMC’s new logo

News Business Operations
April 17, 2023  

Establishment of Hitachi Global Air Power

News Energy Government Sustainability
April 16, 2023  

US energy secretary says G7 can lead global emissions cuts

News Chemicals Government Manufacturing Health & Safety Industry
April 14, 2023  

Canada’s pledge to make more vaccines at home is still a work in progress

News Government Manufacturing Operations
April 14, 2023  

Statistics Canada says manufacturing sales down 3.6% in February

News Automotive Government Sustainability
April 13, 2023  

Stiff EPA emission limits to boost US electric vehicle sales

News Energy Government Sustainability
April 13, 2023  

Beware risk of ‘mutually sabotaging competition’ on corporate subsidies: Freeland

News Government Economy Industry
April 10, 2023  

Economy added 35,000 jobs in March, unemployment rate still hovering near record low

News Chemicals Government Resource Sector Business Operations Industry
April 10, 2023  

Judge cancels Montana gas plant permit over climate impacts

News Business Operations
April 9, 2023  

US adds a healthy 236,000 jobs despite Fed’s rate hikes

News Electronics Business Operations
April 8, 2023  

Samsung cutting memory chip production as profit slides

News Energy Government Resource Sector Health & Safety Sustainability
April 7, 2023  

Most Canadians got more from carbon price rebates than they spent in 2021: report

News Construction Government Health & Safety Sustainability
April 6, 2023  

Ottawa and Edmonton cement manufacturer sign preliminary deal on carbon capture

News Government Business Operations Operations
April 6, 2023  

Thirty per cent of Defence Department procurement positions vacant: internal report

News Automotive Business Operations
April 5, 2023  

Auto sales rise 3.7 per cent in March from a year earlier

News Automotive Health & Safety
April 5, 2023  

Jury awards $3.2 million to ex Tesla worker for racial abuse

News Electronics Business Operations Innovation & Technology
April 3, 2023  

Rogers finalizes $26 billion merger with Shaw after receiving government approval

News Food & Beverage Business Operations Industry
April 3, 2023  

Saputo signs deal to sell two milk processing plants in Australia to Coles Group

News Government Resource Sector Business Operations Operations Production
April 3, 2023  

Oil prices soar on producer output cuts; World shares higher

News Government Industry
April 3, 2023  

Biden to push clean energy, economic agenda in Minneapolis

News Electronics Government Business Operations
April 2, 2023  

Huawei profit sinks in 2022 amid sanctions, but sales higher

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy
April 1, 2023  

U.K. to join Pacific trade bloc after Canadian help, clearing path for bilateral deal

News Manufacturing Industry
March 31, 2023  

China factory activity grows at slower pace in March

News Automotive Government Innovation & Technology Sustainability
March 31, 2023  

Many electric vehicles to lose big tax credit with new rules

News Government Sustainability
March 29, 2023  

Feds outline $83B in clean economy tax credits in bid to compete with U.S. incentive