Genetec introduces vehicle-centric investigation system

Maryam Farag   

MRO Automotive automotive Canada Economy manufacturing Operations Technology

Photo: Genetec Inc.

Genetec Inc. unveiled AutoVu Cloudrunner, a cloud-based vehicle-centric investigation system that detects, analyzes and stores vehicle identification data to support public safety investigations.

Cloudrunner utilizes vehicle data collected by the Cloudrunner CR-H2, a solar-powered automated license plate recognition (ALPR) camera. Powered by AutoVu Machine Learning Core, the CR-H2 camera can identify vehicle colour, type and behaviour analytics, such as speed estimation and direction of travel.

“This innovative vehicle centric investigation system is a game changer for law enforcement, helping them solve crimes today and build a safer tomorrow,” said Stephan Kaiser, General Manager, AutoVu, Genetec Inc. “Because AutoVu Cloudrunner captures more vehicle data and has superior performance at night and at high speed, investigators have access to more evidence, no matter when the crime took place, day or night – rain or shine.”

The CR-H2 camera works wirelessly over existing cellular networks (4G/LTE) and is easy to install, set up and maintain without the need for specialized ALPR expertise.




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