Dermalog smart border control solution wins innovation award

Monica Ferguson   

MRO Aerospace aerospace award face capture innovative Technology

Dermalog has developed a technology for automated face capture. Dermalog’s integrated facial recognition, which automatically adjusts to a person’s head height, is at the core. An expert jury of the German Design Council has now honoured the innovative camera system with the German Innovation Award 2022.

From up to two meters, the CT1 captures faces and provides portraits that meet International Civil Aviation Organization requirements. The solution features integrated presentation attack detection and a non-contact body temperature check. CT1 is suitable for operation in screened national borders.

“Biometrics is becoming increasingly important in the field of border control,” says Günther Mull, CEO, Dermalog. “For example, biometric data is an important component of the future European Union entry/exit system. Our automated solutions significantly contribute to secure and fast data processing and ensure a seamless process at border crossings.”


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