Growth Tips: Use video to follow-up sales contact

Stand out by putting a face to the name after an initial phone conversation

December 9, 2015   Andrew Shedden

Progress with a business prospect can drop by the wayside after the first telephone conversation with your sales rep. Here’s a tip that works: have your salesperson take 10 minutes or so and film a 30-second “put a face to the name” video and e-mail the prospect a link to it.

All you need is a webcam with a plug-in external USB microphone, lots of lighting on faces, and some simple video recording software.

When your sales rep records the message, be sure he or she is positioned in the right or left third of the frame. A casual tone works best. Encourage your salesperson to smile and be genuine.

The message should be something like this, “Hi Joe, Bob Smith here. Thought I’d put a face to the name. I wanted you to know I really enjoyed our chat and look forward to our next conversation on December 3. I call you at 2 pm. Thanks.”


The last step is to have your salesperson upload the video to YouTube and e-mail a link to the prospect with “video” in the subject line.

You can be sure your competitors aren’t doing this, which means you should.

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