Growth Tips: Quit guessing, start growing

Andrew Shedden   

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Conduct a survey to reveal what prospects want to learn from you.

You need three things to attract, access, and convert more of your ideal prospects into customers and growth: an educational offer to attract ideal prospects; a further educational offer to get into more offices; and a third offer to convert more prospects into first time customers.

When determining these offers you can waste a lot of time and money playing by guess and by golly. It’s far more cost-effective to perform some basic market research and ask what offers prospects want. Do so by assembling a survey.

Here’s an example of a simple survey with three questions:

1. What educational information would most interest you (six to 10 choices)?


2. During our first meeting, what 10-minute educational presentation would bring you the most value (four to five choices)?

3. What initial offer would most persuade you to buy our XYZ 3000 Drill Press (four to five choices)?

The next step is to get respondents for your survey by doing the following:

• Pick customers or prospects (100 to 200).

• Create a contest for product/service offered by your company for those who complete survey.

• Reach out to them by letter with a link to your survey.

• Give them two reminder calls.

• Pick your winner.

• Act on the findings.

If you are short of potential respondents “rent” them from Survey Monkey.

Do your market research, analyze your answers, and roll out your optimized offers. You’ll be glad you did.

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