Growth Tips: How is your marketing health?

Andrew Shedden   

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Check for these signs that your strategy needs a check up.

If your company isn’t growing as fast as you’d like, your marketing strategy may need a tune-up. Check for these symptoms that there’s something amiss:

• Promotional messages are being ignored.

• The competition is causing you a lot of grief.

• Salespeople can’t seem to reach prospects to set appointments.


• Salespeople are having trouble closing sales or getting lots of no-decisions.

• Proposals are winning less than 30% of the time.

• Longer-term opportunities are slipping through the cracks.

• You can’t seem to launch new products or enter new markets.

The good news is fixing your marketing system consists of three simple steps.

First, ensure you have one. Second, ensure it’s customer-centred not company-centred. Third, measure and optimize each component on a consistent basis.

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