Growth Tips: Make six figures in 30 minutes

Andrew Shedden   

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Spend 90% of the selling time listening, 10% making your pitch.

Let’s say you finally schedule a sales appointment with the president and every other key executive involved in a major account that if sold, will result in you earning a six-figure commission.

As you’re driving to the appointment you imagine how that enormous commission will be spent. You also have less-appealing visions of being involved in an epic flameout, laughed at, and shown the door. You have one shot and you’re wondering what to do.

1. Greet all the executives. Engage in minimal small talk. Spend 90% of your time listening.

2. Get permission to ask questions. Ask each of the executives about challenges, consequences, and how each of them would benefit from resolving those challenges.


3. Note all of their answers.

4. For the remaining 10% of your time illustrate exactly how your product will help them reduce, eliminate or resolve their challenges, and reach their goals.

5. Schedule a time for a proposal presentation appointment. Reiterate the above information and ask them how they would like to proceed.

Whether you use SPIN selling or other consultative selling systems, the key is the one asking the questions will be the one making the sale.

Now, go buy that yacht you wanted and happy sailing.

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