Growth Tips: How to get in front of a key executive

Reach key executives with a personal contact by letter.

March 17, 2015   Andrew Shedden

Closing a major sale requires getting in the door. I’m often asked how to maximize the chances of a salesperson contacting a key executive. The answer is both simple. Go “old-school.”

1. Write a one-page letter. It’s important the letter is not focused on you, your company or your product. Introduce yourself and outline the value the executive will receive from speaking with you. Indicate the day and time you will be following up by phone and also provide your contact information. If you really want to be memorable, handwrite your letter.

2. Add a single page tip sheet that contains educational content. For best results, be sure your tip sheet revolves around building the awareness of need.

3. Put the letter and the tip sheet in a 9×12-in. envelope, then out it into a cardboard envelope and send it by courier. Follow up at the date and time you promised.


Executives are super busy and want a good reason to give you some time, so “sell” the value of your initial meeting.

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