Growth Tips: Getting your sales reps in the door

Andrew Shedden   

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Provide prospects with valuable, free educational information.

It’s extremely difficult to get the attention of harried manufacturing executives, so many salespeople have little, if any, luck getting in the door for that critical first meeting. Obviously if salespeople can’t see their prospects they can’t sell them.

To maximize their chances of getting in the door, sales reps must offer their prospects valuable insights. Rather than the old “drop by to show you my products” pitch they need to provide valuable and free educational information. For example, if your salespeople sell drill presses and want to get into more first meetings have them try something like this:

I’m John Doe from XYZ Company. The reason I am calling is we recently completed a research study with companies like yours on the five major challenges to increasing drill press profits. The answers were intriguing. We have devised some interesting ways you can overcome all five challenges, even with your existing equipment. If you and your key executives would like to discuss our findings and some new insights I’d be happy to drop by. What’s your availability?

Have your salespeople follow a script like this and those doors will open wide.


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