Growth Tips: Following up your webinar leads

How to make your next webinar a money making proposition.

September 9, 2014   Andrew Shedden

Regardless of the source of your sales leads, the fortune is in the follow-up, but many manufacturers badly mishandle the webinar follow-up process and get little return for their efforts.

Here are some simple follow-up tips to keep in mind to make your next webinar a money making proposition.

• Create a multi-touch multimedia follow up system. This system needs seven to nine touches including direct mail, telephone and e-mail (subject to CASL). Sending a DVD or an audio CD of your webinar plus a transcribed written report will open a lot of doors.

• Commit to following each step in your system on a tight schedule.


• Measure the effectiveness of each contact attempt and be certain to optimize each one.

• Make a firm commitment to a company-wide policy of “no lead left behind.” This simply means you contact leads until you’ve reached them. If it means you need to contact them more than nine times then so be it.

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