Growth Tips: Ensure your video’s audio is clear

Use an external USB microphone, every time.

February 1, 2016   Andrew Shedden

Have you ever watched home movies where the people sound like they’re talking from the bottom of a well? Sure is irritating.

While many viewers watching video will tolerate images that are less than perfect, most people find poor audio intolerable.

It’s easy to shoot video using a webcam with an inexpensive external microphone. The key is to use an external USB microphone, every time. Plug it in, set your recording levels (microphone input level), and run some tests. Watch test videos to determine if the audio is too soft or too loud and distorting. Adjust as necessary.

Some microphones are very directional: if you move your head to the right or left when speaking the audio levels drop. Be aware that audio levels can vary considerably when you change the distance from your mouth to the microphone. Just like they say in the movies, keep your head in one position and speak straight into the microphone.


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