Growth Tips: Why you can’t grow your company

Andrew Shedden   

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Having a consistent marketing system is key.

Why are you struggling to grow your company as fast as you’d like? Poor growth is rarely a case of substandard products, bad promotional ideas, business owners, senior executives, or anyone else in your company. More often than not, it’s the lack of an effective marketing system that stalls growth.

Think of marketing like any manufacturing process. Consistent inputs result in consistent outputs. For example, 100 leads from marketing activity A will generate10 sales-qualified leads, which will result in three selling appointments, and ultimately produce one new customer.

The key to growth is having a marketing system in place with totally consistent inputs (marketing and selling activities) that are discrete and measurable.

All of your marketing and selling activities must be adhered to consistently because you can’t improve random processes. Deploy your activities, measure, optimize, and repeat.


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