You can have the world’s first real hoverboard…but it’ll cost you $20K [VIDEO]

The ArcaBoard's innovative duct fan design hovers riders about a foot off the ground for up to six minutes.

LAS CRUCES, NM — There’s been a lot of chatter about products that haven’t quite lived up to the promise of working hoverboard promise for those adventurous types looking to release their inner Marty McFly a la “Back to the Future.”

But the ArcaBoard appears to be the closest thing we’re getting to an actual hoverboard.

Lexus was able to produce a working hoverboard last year, but the unit was contained to skateboard park fitted a track made of permanent magnets.

This isn’t the two-wheeled toy that had kids losing their minds over Christmas, this is an actual hovering flying machine stocked with incredible science. But it comes with a price.

For about $20,000, you can have an ArcaBoard by the time Arca Space Corp., based in Las Cruces, NM, starts shipping the mattress-shaped units in April.



The ArcaBoard packs an incredible 272 horsepower and is propelled by 36 ducted fans that spin at 45,000 rpm. The device is limited to about 20 km/h and has a flying height of about a foot. It’s powered by Li-Po batteries, which make up a significant part of the cost and will cost you about $7,000 to replace after the board’s one-year warranty expires.

Two versions of the device are available: one that holds riders weighing up to 176 lbs that hovers for about six minutes. The second handles up to 242 lbs. and hovers for three minutes. The ArcaDock accessory gets riders hovering again on a full charge in about 35 minutes, the company said.

Check out the video below to see how Arca was able to pull the hoverboard off.

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