Carbon tax would further punish already ailing Alta. economy: Wildrose

Brian Jean says a tax would hurt Albertan consumers already feeling the pain of low oil prices.

EDMONTON — Wildrose Leader Brian Jean says now is not the time to further punish an ailing Alberta economy by imposing a carbon tax.

Jean says a carbon tax would affect all consumers and would hurt the thousands of Albertans already laid off due to low oil prices.

A carbon tax is one option being considered by the province as it prepares to unveil a new framework strategy in the coming days to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Albertans support carbon tax and are willing to pay it
Report finds 96% of economy no less competitive under carbon pricing

The province is planning sweeping changes to phase out coal-fired electricity plants and introduce plans to lower Alberta’s emissions.

BC3 has already implemented a revenue-neutral carbon tax affecting everything from home heating bills to the price of gas at the pump.

Notley won’t say which way Alberta is leaning on the issue except to say it’s time to put a fair price on carbon.

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