Web Tips: Using the telephone to nurture leads

Four tips for dramatically improved results.

October 11, 2012   by Andrew Shedden

For those of you obsessed with all things web it’s very easy to disregard the importance of the telephone in the development of sales leads, but it plays a key role in the process. Follow these tips to ensure better lead generation.

• Make a commitment to incorporate the telephone in your lead nurturing efforts. No exceptions.

• Schedule a series of calls that follow or precede the broadcast of content. Be consistent refer to the content.

• Incorporate talking points in your follow-up calls that deliver more value to your prospect. Adding context or detail to a case study or report will take you a lot farther than asking the prospect if they are ready to buy.

• You will reach voicemail more often than you would like, so prepare a series of voicemail messages that will serve to build the relationship.

Incorporating the phone in your lead nurturing programs and you will profit from dramatically improved results.

Andrew Shedden is the president of Broadfield Consulting, a marketing consulting firm that helps manufacturers increase profitable revenues. For free industrial marketing resources visit his blog at For new media resources and services visit

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