WEB TIPS: The power of postcards

Although there are few advertising channels more traditional than print, one of the simplest ways to drive online traffic is the postcard.

April 25, 2012   by ANDREW SHEDDEN

Although there are few advertising channels more traditional than print, there are other offline methods that will drive traffic to your website. One of the simplest ways is postcards. They’re a very colourful way to grab attention.

The front of the postcard needs to have an eye-catching image along with an attention-grabbing headline gets your key message across in a very simple and direct way, encouraging the recipient to turn it over for the payoff.

Use the back to flesh out your offer. Be brief. Concentrate on explaining the key benefits of your offer and have a simple and direct call to action.

For example, “Our Five Secrets to Drill Press Profits tip sheet will reveal why faster is not always better. It also will clearly explain how to avoid the three deadly drill press maintenance traps that can reduce your profits by 21% in any given month. To learn this and much more download your free copy today at”


Postcards may be old school, but they’ll get your prospects’ thinking new school when they checkout your online offerings.

Andrew Shedden is the president of Broadfield Consulting, a marketing consulting firm that makes it easier for companies to grow their revenues. For new media resources and services visit For free industrial marketing resources visit his blog at

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