WEB TIPS: Print advertising in an online world

With the rise of online marketing advertising your website in targeted print publications is still a great way to build your traffic.

April 5, 2012   by ANDREW SHEDDEN

With the rise of online marketing is there any point in performing some of the more traditional offline marketing techniques? Well the short answer to that is yes. Let’s start with advertising your website in targeted print publications. It’s a great way to build your website traffic.

There are two key points to keep in mind:

• The more highly targeted the publication the better the results you will get from your advertisement. If you are selling submarine sandwiches, it makes sense to advertise in general interest publications. If, however, you are selling drill presses, spend your advertising dollars on the appropriate trade publications.

• When possible avoid running institutional advertisements. You need to structure your advertising to encourage readers to take the first small step. Use your advertisement to drive readers to a specific (landing) page on your website that offers readers an enticement for visiting your site.

As I have mentioned in numerous Web Tips over the last few years, the best way to engage prospects is to offer them free, valuable educational content. Your advertisement needs to say, “Be sure to visit us at and get a free copy of “Ten Tips to Reduced Drill Press Cycle Times.”

When they arrive at your landing page capture their contact information in a form in exchange for your free report and you now have an inquiry to contact.

Andrew Shedden is the president of Broadfield Consulting, a marketing consulting firm that makes it easier for companies to grow their revenues. For new media resources and services visit: For free industrial marketing resources visit his blog at

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