Web Tips: Boost your direct mail profits

Using banner ads can dramatically improve your direct mail results and deliver a great return on investment.

March 3, 2011   by ANDREW SHEDDEN

Direct mail is very expensive but done properly it will give you a great return on investment. What you may not know is that using banner ads dramatically improves your results.

The success of your direct mail is largely determined by the effectiveness of your headline. Simply put, if your headline isn’t an attention grabber, your message will not be read, thus your direct mail and your promotion will do poorly or fail.

Here are some examples of bad and better headlines:

Bad: New XYZ Products – Find Out More Here


Good: How To Reduce Heating Costs 25% – Free Download

Bad: Guess the Cost and Win A Drill Press

Good: Increase Drill Press Metal Removal Rates 36% – Free Report

Bad: XYZ Drill Presses Catalogue

Good: A Simple Way To Reduce Drill Press Downtime – Free Tip Sheet

Creating several banner ads with the headlines you are considering for your campaign will help you quickly and accurately determine which headline gets the best response. The winner should be the one you continue to run in your banner ad campaigns and in your direct mail promotion.

Andrew Shedden is the president of Broadfield Communications, a marketing consulting firm that makes it easier for companies to grow their revenues. For instant access to over 75 free articles, reports, tools, tips and other resources that will improve your industrial marketing visit

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