Voters deserve clarity from Alta. NDP on pipelines: Prentice

Incumbent premier says the NDP across Canada are opposed to pipeline projects.

GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alta. — Progressive Conservative Leader Jim Prentice says voters deserve more clarity on where the Alberta NDP stands on oil pipelines.

The incumbent premier says the NDP in other parts of the country are staunchly opposed to pipeline projects that carry Alberta crude.

Prentice says the NDP in BC is opposed to the Northern Gateway pipeline, while the NDP government in Manitoba doesn’t like plans for the Energy East project.

Over the weekend, Tories tried to paint NDP Leader Rachel Notley as anti-pipeline for suggesting the controversial Northern Gateway project through BC isn’t likely to succeed in the face of stiff opposition along the route.

She also said she wouldn’t be lobbying for the Keystone XL project in the US, because its approval is currently caught up in a domestic process that needs to play out.

The NDP in Alberta has said it favours a greater focus on refining crude oil in Alberta rather than shipping raw product to the rest of the world.

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  1. George Schlosser says:

    I agree the NDP has given no economic strategy that will ensure
    stability in the work place or in the earning ability of home owners. All job creation platitudes put forth are time related and cannot be implimented overnight. The upgrader strategy is still in limbo and when done is incapable of processing less than i/5th of the ongoing production; whereas the Gulf Coast refineries are already capable of refining our production from the oil sands.

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