University of Manitoba gets $2.3M for innovation

Funding goes to an innovation consortium and marine energy testing.

July 30, 2015

WINNIPEG, Man. — The University of Manitoba is receiving $2.3 million in federal funding to support two innovation projects in Western Canada.

The university’s Technology Transfer Office gets $1.8 million to lead a pan-western consortium of Western Canadian Innovation Offices that will address issues identified by industry by partnering with academic institutions and other research-based organizations.

And the Engineering Faculty gets $500,000 to support the testing of hydrokinetic turbines for global marine renewable energy markets. The funds will be used to develop and calibrate new tools, systems and technologies to test prototype hydrokinetic turbines in fast rivers in Manitoba, as well as marine tides off the coast of Vancouver Island.

The aim is to develop commercialization opportunities for the global marine energy market.

Hydrokinetic turbines are being developed with new design concepts and require testing to measure how river and ocean sediment and debris impact turbine performance and power levels before they can be sold in Canada and on the global market.

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