uLab launches custom packaging service

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General Manufacturing Pulp & Paper Canada manufacturer manufacturing orthodontist packaging

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uLab Systems, the creator of uSmile clear aligners and uDesign treatment planning software, launched new custom packaging service for uSmile aligner customers.

uLab is making customization for the orthodontic practice, “removing the burden of sourcing high-quality, customized packaging themselves and the need to order and store high quantities to qualify for volume discounts.”

“With uDesign, the specialist designs the patient’s individualized treatment plan, so their name should be on the package that ultimately is delivered to the patient. We want the patient to look to the orthodontist as the expert or “hero” who made their smile perfect, not the aligner brand. uLab is deeply committed to developing solutions that help the orthodontist take back control, and we are proud to be the first to offer custom packaging to accompany our uSmile aligners.” said David Thrower, Chief Commercial Officer, uLab.

The full-colour packaging will be customized with the orthodontist’s logo by a graphic designer and is available with each order of uSmile aligners submitted to uLab.


“We love having our logo on the aligner boxes. It helps our practice stand out from the crowd and our patients know they are getting aligners customized for them by their doctor.” said Kevin L. Oliveira, Coastal Orthodontics Wareham, MA.




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