TransAlta’s wind farm plugs into Quebec grid

Installation adds 68 megawatts of renewable energy.

CALGARY — Quebec homes will be tapping into wind-generated power supplied by TransAlta Corp. now that a turbine installation in the New Richmond area active.

The Calgary power generation company has completed its wind turbine installation in the Gaspésie area of Québec and plugged into the Hydro-Québec grid as part of a 20-year contract.

The installation of 33 turbines adds 68 megawatts of renewable energy to the province’s supply; enough to meet the needs of approximately 11,000 Québec homes every year.

The company said during development and construction the New Richmond project generated more than 250 jobs.

The E82 turbines made by German manufacturer Enercon were partially constructed in Germany and Québec.

Each 98-metre tower is made of 18 concrete sections manufactured in Matane and two steel sections built in New Richmond. The covers housing the generating components and blades were shipped from Germany. Some of the electrical components were also made in the Matane area.

Eighteen turbines are located in New Richmond, 14 in St. Alphonse and one in Caplan; 12 are on public land and 21 are on private land.