Trade minister to keep eye on US probe of Canadian lobster industry

Canadian industry gained most of the market America US lost after China slapped a 35% tariff on US lobster exports.

August 31, 2020   by CP STAFF

Mary Ng, Minister of Trade.
Photo: Government of Canada

HALIFAX — International Trade Minister Mary Ng says she’s keeping a close watch on a trade investigation into the Canadian lobster industry requested by the administration of US President Donald Trump.

The Liberal cabinet minister said her government will always defend Canadian industries, in response to a question about the United States International Trade Commission investigation.

The Canadian industry gained most of the Chinese market that the Americans lost after China slapped a 35% tariff on US lobster exports.

Canada also saw its lobster exports grow in Europe after it signed the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, or CETA, with the European Union.


The Trump administration, however, recently signed an agreement with China that removes the 35% tariff. The US has also signed a separate deal with Europe that removes a tariff on American lobsters that gave Canadians an advantage.

The Lobster Council of Canada said today it’s doubtful the Trump’s administration’s investigation into Canada’s lobster exports will have a major impact on the industry.


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