This is how Tim Hudak plans to create a million jobs in Ontario

Plan includes cuts to corporate and personal taxes, and eliminating restrictions on skilled trade certifications.

May 14, 2014   by The Canadian Press

TORONTO — Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has promised he will create 1,000,000 jobs over eight years if he wins the June 12 election. More than 520,000 jobs would be created anyway if the government simply continued the policies of the last decade.

Here’s how he plans to do it:

  • Balance the $12.5-billion budget by 2016-2017, which help create 43,184 jobs.
  • Abolish the College of Trades and eliminate restrictions on the skilled trades, which would help create 170,240 jobs over four years.
  • Reduce corporate taxes to 8% – down from the current 11.5% – which would create 119,808 jobs over eight years.
  • Reduce personal income tax by 10% after the budget is balanced in 2016-2017, which would create 47,080 jobs.
  • Put the province in charge of all rail-based transit and major highways in the Greater Toronto Area; establish a new east-west express line connecting Etobicoke to Scarborough, through Toronto’s downtown. Expand major highways and GO. This would create 96,000 jobs.
  • Lower energy prices by cutting the bureaucracy at Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation; end subsidies for wind and solar power and reduce the number of provincial electricity agencies. This will help create 40,384 jobs.
  • Cut regulations on business, which would create 84,800 jobs.
  • Developing the Ring of Fire, which would create 4,400 jobs.

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3 Comments » for This is how Tim Hudak plans to create a million jobs in Ontario
  1. Rod Sheridan says:

    It sounds great, pixie dust and unicorns for all.

    Reducing corporate taxes simply increases corporate profits. Companies increase staff when forced to by demand, not because their profits suddenly exceeded expectations.

    I’m also curious as to how making 100,000 people unemployed is going to help the economy when they no longer have any disposable income, or perhaps income at all.

    As to increasing the numbers of apprenticeships, is business really willing to hire 200,000 new employees with no new business to support the hiring?

    Hudak needs to go back to the drawing board.

  2. John Sattler says:

    This sounds so simple, cut taxes and put more money in teh public hands and that will create jobs. The problem I see is the cutting of bureaucracy at Ontario Hydro and OPG sounds like a layoff. The elimination of subsidies for wind and solar makes sense unless you work in wind or solar and then it sounds like more layoffs. I would like to see the math how this creates 40,384 jobs.
    And the part about abolishing the college of trades and lifting restrictions on skilled trades, what does that mean? The sixteen year old kid that just changed my oil is a licenced mechanic? Oh wait a minute, he doesn’t need a licence anymore? Good plan.

  3. Snowbeast says:

    He forgot to add liberalization of marijuana. Because Hudak is definitely smoking something.

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