ThroughPut Inc. named A Top 10 Supply Chain Management Solution Provider 2021

Maryam Farag   

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ThroughPut Inc has been awarded the Top 10 Supply Chain Management Solution Companies of 2021 by Manufacturing Tech Insights Magazine.

“It’s a great pleasure to include ThroughPut Inc. in our ranking list for its continued success in developing cutting-edge solutions that address the most urgent industry challenges and provide our growing list of satisfied customers with the highest value solution, on-time and on-budget,” said Laura Davis, Managing Editor, Manufacturing Tech Insights. “I congratulate ThroughPut Inc. for its achievement.”

ThroughPut Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based supply chain AI start-up that puts industrial material flow on autopilot by using existing enterprise data.

“We are honoured to be recognized by Manufacturing Technology Insights as a top supply chain managementsolution provider,” said Ali Raza, Founder and CEO, ThroughPut Inc. “Some of the highest traffic we’ve received on our website during the pandemic was related to our capacity planning and management capabilities. The pandemic has taught us that it is a more effective strategy to help our clients actively manage their material flows and product blends through their capacity constraints with our supply chain AI system, than it is to merely match once-in-a-lifetime surges with incrementally better demand prediction systems.”





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