The flying car is coming…by 2017 [VIDEO]

Aeromobil 3.0 will have a flying range of almost 700 kilometres.

March 19, 2015   by PLANT Staff

Ever wanted a flying car? Well, you might only have to wait a couple more years to get your hands on one.

Aeromobil, based in Slovakia, is confident it will bring its flying roadster to market by 2017, launching a limited edition vehicle targeted at “wealthy supercar and flight enthusiasts.”

The company says the vehicle will have a flying range of almost 700 kilometres on regular gas, and is equipped with partial autopilot and a parachute if there’s trouble in the sky. It only needs a grass strip of around 250 metres to take off and 50 metres to land.

There’s no price yet, but the vehicle made of almost entirely advanced composite materials is expected to be in the range of hundreds of thousands.

Words don’t do justice to how cool this thing is, so have a look at the video below to learn more and leave your reactions in the comments section.

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4 Comments » for The flying car is coming…by 2017 [VIDEO]
  1. Allan Harsh MD says:

    Right on. I would be interested when the costs are finalized.

  2. Rob Green says:

    Flying cars for the mega-rich and a 2 year wait for hip replacement surgery. Where are the priorities?

    • dan says:

      Where you livin’, Rob? England? Canada? My wife works for an ortho here in Illinois and he’s a little busy, so you’d have to wait until May.

  3. Russ Edwards says:

    Very interesting idea. This probably is in the future of perhaps 50 years. I wont be here, but my Great Grandson will be here.
    I hope he is able to buy one.

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