Tesla’s Model S P85 D shows off crazy acceleration on Germany’s Autobahn [VIDEO]

0-50 km/h in about one second? Not too shabby.

Check out this video from YouTubers Automann-TV . The German auto reviewers, who have a taste for the latest and greatest in expensive luxury cars, got their hands on Tesla’s latest Model S P85 D, which boasts a mind-blowing 700 HP and around 900 Nm of torque – at a standstill.

Sure the car is fast, especially for one of those green electric cars that don’t get the kind of love they probably should, but it’s the vehicle’s acceleration that is most impressive, especially considering it’s only got a single gear powering the single-car from 0 to 240 km/h pretty quickly.

How about 0-50 km/h in about one second? Not too shabby.

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