Tesla equipping cars to drive completely on their own

Musk predicts the technology will be twice as safe as a human driver butut will jack up vehicle prices.

October 20, 2016   by ASSOCIATED PRESS

SAN FRANCISCO — Tesla Motors is starting to build its electric cars with all the sensors, cameras and other gear needed to drive completely on their own when regulations allow the technology to take over that responsibility.

The announcement by Tesla CEO Elon Musk marks the Silicon Valley automaker’s next step toward selling cars that can navigate the roads without the help of a human.

Google, ride-hailing service Uber and an assortment of other automakers also are working on a range of self-driving cars in an effort to ultimately turn the steering wheel over to robots.

Tesla has offered an automatic steering and braking system called Autopilot in its cars since last year, but that technology is meant to be monitored at all times by a driver.

After additional testing and getting the necessary regulatory clearance, all the cars rolling off Tesla’s assembly lines will have the equipment needed to be fully autonomous, Musk said. By auto-industry standards Tesla is small, making about 100,000 cars a year, although hopes to increase its production to 500,000 vehicles per year by 2018.

Musk predicted the technology will be twice as safe as a human driver. But adding the protection will jack up prices on Tesla vehicles that already can run over $80,000 depending on what features a buyer wants. Adding the software and activating the hardware needed for a fully autonomous car will cost an additional $8,000 – a more than 20 per cent increase on the cost of Tesla’s $35,000 Model 3 sedan that is scheduled to be delivered next year.

Musk said he thinks the price will prove to be a pittance if he meets his goal of improving the technology so it’s eventually 10 times safer than a human driver. The cars with the fully self-driving technology will get those improvements in upgrades delivered online.

Tesla’s future cars will have eight cameras instead of the single one currently on the vehicles running the less-sophisticated Autopilot system. They will have sensors with twice the range as the current vehicles and have 40 times more computing power capable of performing 12 trillion operations per second, according to Musk.

“It will basically be a supercomputer in a car,” he said.

But it’s an open question when federal and state regulators in the US will settle on laws that allow robots to drive cars.

Even if regulations were to allow it now, Tesla is conceding it’s not ready to flip switch yet, saying it still needs to do more testing and gather more data. For that reason, safety features such as automatic emergency breaking, collision warning, lane holding and active cruise control that are currently available in current cars using the first generation of Autopilot won’t be immediately be turned on in the vehicles designed to be fully autonomous.

Those limitations make buying Tesla’s autonomous cars a “vanity purchase” akin to buying a TV offering ultrahigh-definition 4K pictures when relatively little programming is available in that format, said analyst Jessica Caldwell.

“There’s also a risk that by the time all these self-driving features are fully tested and activated, other manufacturers may be ready to roll out more advanced hardware with better capabilities,” Caldwell said.

Consumer watchdogs have questioned whether Tesla’s first Autopilot system was ready to be on the road after a driver earlier this year using the system was killed when his Model S sedan struck a tractor-trailer in Florida. Tesla maintains Autopilot wasn’t at fault. Government regulators are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

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2 Comments » for Tesla equipping cars to drive completely on their own
  1. Ian Aston says:

    I can understand why it would be good to develop the technology that controls a self driving automobile. But, I for one enjoy driving a car. It keeps me alert, helps my hand-eye coordination, and when I get tired from driving, I know I should rest. A self driving car will most likely on average allow people to Google,go on Facebook or watch videos/movies while they eat candy and get even less exercise. The application of Self driving cars that could be used by Uber, will only create more unemployed Uber drivers, and put more profits into the Corporations pockets instead of spreading the profits to drivers who need it more.
    Other questions I have with self driving cars are;
    What does a self driving car do if someone is tailgating. Does it stop? Does it pick up speed?
    How would a self driving car react to avoid a sudden potential head on collision. Does it stop? Does it drive into the ditch? Does it blow the horn?
    Often when driving, I can see another driver who is driving dangerously and aggressively, cutting people off ecetera. I make sure to keep away from this type of driver. Will a self driving car be able to recognize this aggressive driver?
    How will a self driving car handle road rage?
    As a businessman I think the main reason for self driving cars is the add on prices and future cost of repair parts that will help the auto industry’s bottom line. I doubt it will save more lives. It scares me to think I will be driving among a group of cars that have people playing video games instead of watching what is going on around them.

  2. George McCaulley says:

    People resist change especially after 100 years of a similar format. I for one am looking forward to the day that I can get in my car and have it take me where I want to go, safely and within the legal limits. This is a boon for the aged who cannot get around easily but want to continue their independence.
    Because a car is autonomous does not mean that it cannot be driven. It provides an option that we do not currently have. This is one of the most exciting things to happen this century and I am sure that there are many more to come.
    When people went from horses to cars, I am sure there was a loss of jobs but new job opportunities came along as a result. Change is imminent and the driverless car is a change that I welcome and look forward to. Like everything else, we adjust.
    There will come a time when we no longer need roads because cars will fly.
    It was unimaginable not too long ago that we could summon a car to pick us up and take us where we wanted to go without a driver. Now it is close to reality.
    Great times we live in.

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