Technology key to meeting G7 carbon goals, CAPP president says

G7 leaders aiming for a non-carbon economy by end of the century.

CALGARY — Canada’s biggest oil and gas industry group isn’t spooked by the G7’s carbon reduction goals.

The G7 leaders wrapped up a meeting in Germany June 8 with the goal of making deep emissions cuts by 2050 and shifting to a no-carbon economy by the end of the century.

Tim McMillan, president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, says technology will be key to meeting the targets.

McMillan says technology that’s commonplace in the oil and gas sector today would have been inconceivable a century ago.

G7 calls for low emissions in the energy sector

He says there will still be a role for the oil and gas industry for decades to come, given the growing demand from developing countries.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the G7 target doesn’t mean that industry is going to turn out the lights.

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