Super strong 3D printing [VIDEO]

Form Labs' Tough Resin 3D printer material lets you print stuff such as chains and cogs.

August 25, 2015   by PLANT Staff

SOMERVILLE, Mass. — FormLab’s has produced a 3D printer material for making objects suited to high-stress uses, such as chains and cogs, or wrenches as the feature image shows.

3D printed parts are notoriously brittle and scratchy. But FormLabs’ Tough Resin changes that, designed to produce objects that exhibit different properties. The company’s other resins include Castable and Standard. The Tough resin produces an ABS-like material – the same material used to make Lego blocks.

Tough resin, along with its Flexible and Castable sisters and brothers, allows users to make better use of 3D printing to make actual objects, not just prototypes. One litre of Tough resin costs about $150.

Check out the video below shows the company’s three resins in action in a Rude-Goldberg-style machine – it’s pretty cool and could be a game-changer in the development of 3D printed plastic parts for uses other than prototyping.

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