Someone built a real-life Batmobile [VIDEO]

Custom car made by Caresto was built to participate in the Gumball 3000 rally.

May 5, 2016   by PLANT Staff

PHOTO: Mr. JWW via YouTube.

PHOTO: Mr. JWW via YouTube.

Ängelholm, SWEDEN — A Swedish custom carmaker has manufactured a real-life Batmobile, cool enough to satisfy the appetite of any Batman fanatic.

The car, which is based on the Batmobile in the video game, Arkham Knight, was designed by Swedish custom carmaker Caresto.

The vehicle, which is called the TGX, was made to take part in the Gumball 3000, a European car rally. Caresto typically builds custom cars to customer specifications.

This isn’t a flashy bucket of bolts either – it is truly a super car, equipped with a 560 hp V10 engine, a wheel base of more than 11 feet, 26 inch wheels, fully independent front and rear suspensions and a body that’s made completely from carbon fibre.


It’s a sight to see – check it out in the video below.

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