Trudeau Liberals add to list of major broken election promises

Abandoned a long-held promise to change how Canadians elect their governments.

February 2, 2017   by CP STAFF

OTTAWA — The Trudeau government’s announcement that it had abandoned a long-held promise to change how Canadians elect their governments drew sharp condemnation from political opponents.

But it’s not the first campaign pledge to be abandoned or broken by the Trudeau Liberals. Here are some of the big ones so far:

• Run deficits of less than $10 billion in each of the first three years of the mandate, still reducing the debt-to-GDP ratio each year and balancing the books in the final year. The Liberals’ inaugural budget projects deficits for at least five years, totalling $113 billion, including almost $30 billion this year alone. The government still hopes to lower the debt-to-GDP ratio over the course of the mandate.

• The tax break for middle-income earners was to be “revenue neutral,” paid for by hiking taxes on the wealthiest 1%. In fact, it will cost the federal treasury $1.2 billion a year.

• Reduce the small business tax rate to 9% from 11%.

• Maintain funding levels for the Canadian Armed Forces. The government pushed back $3.7 billion for new equipment to 2020.

• Immediately scrap the planned $44-billion purchase of F-35 stealth fighter jets, launch open and transparent competition to replace the current CF-18 fighter jets and reallocate the savings to the navy. The government now proposes to buy a handful of Super Hornet aircraft as a stopgap measure.

• Immediately invest $3 billion over four years to improve home care. This promise is now tied to negotiations with the provinces and territories on a new health accord.

• Cap how much can be claimed through the stock option deduction on annual gains higher than $100,000.

• Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s verbal promise to “restore” door-to-door home mail delivery. The government is committed only to stopping any further reduction in home delivery while it conducts a review of Canada Post’s operations.

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3 Comments » for Trudeau Liberals add to list of major broken election promises
  1. John Little says:

    Business cannot run deficits indefinitely like government seems to be able to do. Every tax hike whether direct or hidden erodes jobs and international competitiveness and puts us all further behind. Trudeau’s spending is spiraling out of control and that needs to stop right now, if it’s not already too late.

  2. Peter Hopper says:

    The younger generation that voted for him does not care about racking up massive debt. They care more about instant gratification, how one looks and being politically correct. Thinking about how they and their children might be affected in the future does not occur to them.

  3. Where do we actually borrow money from? If we are borrowing majorily from China, where the heck do they get their money? Can a communist country just print their own money and lend it to us, in other words can a communist country end up buying our country straight out, by indebting us to a point, where we just give them the keys to the country. Not one gun shot and here are our keys. What an amazing way to divide and conquer. Of all things about politics that bother me, DEBT is the only thing that grinds my gears, that and the fact that I live off 11 grand every year, due to a handicap. Here take this and shut up. We are trillions in debt and I get 11 grand. But I have no debts, because I live off what I have. What happens and it will, when we can’t pay off our trillions dollars debt in the future, just give back the keys like house owners do. Freedom doesn’t mean fair, that is for sure. Wish I had all the answers to my questions, cause my Dad always said, if you don’t have a better way, stfu. ha.

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