Smartcool drives energy savings for UK car manufacturer

Project is part of the Birmingham, UK manufacturer's efforts to reduce carbon emissions by 335 tons annually.

VANCOUVER — Smartcool Systems Inc. says it has installed its energy efficiency products across one of the largest car manufacturing campuses in the UK, a move that will save the company up to 525,000 kWh per year.

The unnamed car manufacturer says the Smartcool project is part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions, with a goal to cut 335 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Work began in 2013 when Smartcool ran a pilot project in one of the manufacturer’s testing facilities. The pilot project showed a 21% reduction in the energy consumption of two chillers over a four-week test period.

Smartcool, a Vancouver-based developer of energy efficient retrofit technologies, has installed its ECO3 and ESM on the air conditioning units in ten different facilities near Birmingham, UK. The EC03 acts as a link between the compressor and the controller or thermostat.

The company says both products will optimize compressor operation in a range of air conditioning systems including large screw chillers to small inverter-driven split systems.

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