Saskatchewan showcases its solar power generation co-operative

Ninety-two panels are producing power for Saskatoon Light and Power.

April 26, 2017   by CP STAFF

SASKATOON — Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark says Saskatchewan has some of the best conditions for solar energy. But he also says it has some of the highest greenhouse gas emissions, and that’s why renewable energy is the way to go.

Clark made the comments at an open house for the province’s first solar power generation co-operative at the Solar Photovoltaic Demonstration Site.

Ninety-two panels are absorbing light from the sun and producing power for Saskatoon Light and Power.

The demonstration site is a partnership between the city, the Saskatchewan Environmental Society Co-operative/Solar Co-Op, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic.
Peter Prebble, president of the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, says solar energy is the province’s future.

“About 21% of all our greenhouse gas emissions in the province are associated with electricity production and more than three-quarters of the electricity in Saskatchewan is either coming from coal or natural gas,” Prebble said.

“It’s time to change that and to make renewables a really major part of our energy future.”

The panels are generating about 1.5% of Saskatoon Light and Power’s energy, and the city is planning for a much larger solar project in the future.

“If we can start converting more and more of our energy from coal and natural gas and those types of sources to solar, we’re creating jobs in our community, we’re reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and we’re using renewable energy to run our city,” Clark said.

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