Quebecor ordered to reinstate 13 laid-off workers

Arbitrator rules employees at Mirabel printing plant were covered by labour contract’s worker protection provisions.

MONTREAL — The union representing locked-out workers at Quebecor’s printing plant in Mirabel says an arbitrator has ordered the eventual reinstatement of 13 of the 15 workers laid off in January.

The Teamsters local says the employees will recover “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in salary and other benefits once the labour dispute ends.

It says arbitrator Suzanne Moro ruled that the employees were covered under the worker protection provisions of its collective contract.

Another 35 workers who were laid off because of lower printing volumes and the conclusion of commercial activities could also be reinstated if another arbitration process rules the same way in a few weeks.

Quebecor’s Mirabel printing plant north of Montreal locked out 44 press workers, mechanics, electricians and handlers on Sept. 1.

The plant prints a number of newspapers, including Montreal French-language dailies Le Devoir and le Journal de Montreal.

Quebecor said that it had no other choice but lock out employees after months of negotiations failed to reach a new contract.

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  1. Brian Szczepanik says:

    Québécor bought up most of the newspapers in Quebec and Montreal weekly cultural newspapers like Voir, Mirror, Hour and ICI, all but Voir were closed as these conglomerates continue pretend that people don’t read these magazines other than online. Curiously, all of the distribution box in Metro stations, stores, etc were empty as soon as these magazines appeared. Voir itself got thinner and thinner and is now distributed every 2 weeks with practically no content anymore. Voir is hence going slowly the way of her sister magazines by being choked of it’s content. Funny Toronto and most other cities in Canada and the USA can still produce a large content cultural magazine like NOW, Georgia Straight, Phoenix, etc.. Very few people read online magazines because they also lack content. Plus online media strains our eyes. Wade Rowland who wrote GREED INC. is right moral corporations and written media are being run into the ground for cannibalism type profit. Chris Hedges calls this process THE EMPIRE OF ILLUSIONS. Laying off people seems to be the only way that these corporate welfare companies, to paraphrase David Lewis, can generate profits and pay ludicrous salaries and benefits to their CEOs and pretend that everything is going well. Bravo to the Teamster members in defending their jobs from the new corporate cannibalistic practices that are destroying our quality of life for insane profits and exponential growth which is the new corporate religion venerating a pretend invisible hand. Eventually the truth will come out even if only in history.

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