PyroGenesis joins project to destroy chemical warfare agents

US Defense awards Montreal company almost $300,000 to demonstrate its disposal system.

MONTREAL — PyroGenesis Canada Inc. has been awarded a US$299,886 contract by the US Department of Defense as part of its ongoing project to destroy chemical warfare agents.

PyroGenesis’s first of its kind Tactical Plasma Arc Chemical Warfare Agent Destruction System was developed for a multi-national military consortium.

The Montreal-based cleantech company said the contract, supported by the US Army Research Office, is to demonstrate the viability of its plasma chemical warfare agent destruction platform with locally available materials. It would be used for the complete eradication of chemical warfare agents without creating hazardous by-products.

The contract is related to a program initiated by the US Department of Defense to identify technology companies capable of developing a transportable disposal system that converts dangerous chemical warfare agents into a safe end-products, such as soil, as a “one size fits all” technology. The goal is to destroy any chemical warfare agents without requiring water or generating waste for post-processing.

PyroGenesis designs and manufactures plasma waste-to-energy systems and plasma torch products.

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