Trudeau to talk EI in Calgary

Government has picked 12 regions that need the most help with extra weeks of EI benefits for jobless workers.

March 29, 2016   by The Canadian Press

CALGARY — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is scheduled to visit Calgary Mar. 29, where he will participate in a roundtable on employment insurance and visit the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Trudeau may face questions on his government’s decision to boost employment insurance benefits for parts of the country while leaving some hard-hit areas of the oilpatch out of the budget plan.

The government has said it picked 12 regions that needed the most help with extra weeks of EI benefits for jobless workers.

Those areas included Newfoundland and Labrador, parts of northern and southern Alberta, northern British Columbia, northern Manitoba, northern Ontario, northern Saskatchewan, Whitehorse and Nunvaut.

Calgary was on the list but Edmonton was left off, as were parts of Saskatchewan.

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  1. Wilhelm says:

    What kind of “leader” revises an EMPLOYEE FUNDED program to help a particular part of the economy but makes it perfectly useless for most who should qualify? Then go on record stating they are “lucky”………….

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