Prentice says all Albertans must fix fiscal mess

Premier won't increase corporate taxes, says doing so would make the province uncompetitive.

EDMONTON — Premier Jim Prentice says all Albertans are responsible for getting the province into a financial mess and everyone has to help clean it up.

Prentice, speaking on CBC Radio, said all Albertans must shoulder the burden for billions of dollars in lost oil revenue, but he reiterated that he will not raise taxes on corporations.

Prentice said to do so – even by a couple of percentage points – would make Alberta uncompetitive.

He said his decision is not based on conservative ideology but on sound business principles.

He says other tax changes and cuts are being contemplated because the cost of services in Alberta cannot be sustained with oil in the US$50 a barrel range.

Prentice has said the government will table a radical and far-reaching budget and long-term financial plan later this month.

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