Premiers closing in on national energy strategy: Northwest Territories

Resistance from BC and Quebec has fallen away, eliminating a deal's main obstacle, Bob McLeod says.

August 29, 2014   by The Canadian Press

CHARLOTTETOWN — The premier of the Northwest Territories says Canada’s premiers are close to agreeing on the basic outline of a national energy strategy.

Bob McLeod says the premiers are working on a so-called vision document and he’s hopeful a significant announcement will be made before their annual meeting wraps up in Charlottetown.

The provinces have been talking about a national energy strategy for years, with Alberta leading the way.

However, Quebec and BC have previously resisted signing on.


But with a switch to a federalist Liberal government in Quebec last April and BC Premier Christy Clark dropping her objections last November, the main obstacles to a deal may have fallen away.

McLeod says the talks this week on the subject have not be hampered by the fact that both Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador – two of Canada’s largest energy producing provinces – are in the midst of selecting new premiers.

“They’re very much part of the discussion,” McLeod said in an interview. “We’re very hopeful that we can make some significant announcements here today.”

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