Orbite, NRC to benchmark HPA in Li-ion batteries

NRC scientists will characterize various separator formulations.

July 2, 2015   by PLANT STAFF

MONTREAL — Orbite Technologies Inc. says the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) will evaluate its high purity alumina (HPA) for use in lithium-ion battery separators.

Orbite’s Technology Development Center will work with National Research Council experts to develop composite separator formulations containing the HPA substrates that will then be applied to commercially available ceramic separators.

NRC scientists will use their expertise and facilities to characterize various separator formulations, and benchmark against batteries containing no or competitors’ alumina.

The current cost-performance ratio for batteries has been the main factor limiting the wide-spread adoption of electric solutions for applications such as automotive, says Orbite.


The Montreal-based cleantech company says this ratio, as well as battery safety and longevity, have the potential of being improved significantly through the application of HPA on battery separators.

Orbite aims to reliably supply HPA at purity levels of 5N (99.999%) and above.

The company’s proprietary processes produce alumina and other high-value by-products, such as rare earth and rare metal oxides using feedstocks that include aluminous clay, kaolin, nepheline, bauxite, red mud and fly ash.

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