Opposition ready to pounce as Ont. legislature resumes

ories say the Liberals will kill jobs and slow economic growth with their pension plan and cap-and-trade system.

February 16, 2016   by CANADIAN PRESS

TORONTO — Ontario’s opposition parties are ready to go on the attack when the Ontario legislature resumes sitting today following a 10-week Christmas break.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says the government’s main goal this session will be the budget, which she promises will focus on the economy and job creation across the province.

The budget is also expected to include details on limited wine sales in grocery stores, and firm up the Liberal’s plan to eliminate the $7.5 billion deficit in just two years.

But the Progressive Conservatives say the Liberals will kill jobs and slow economic growth with their new provincial pension plan and their cap-and-trade system to put a price on carbon, both of which take effect next January.

The Tories also plan to go on the attack about criminal charges that were laid against two former top aides to Dalton McGuinty during the legislative recess in connection with deleted government e-mails.

The New Democrats will hammer away at the government’s plans to sell 60 per cent of Hydro One, warning it will drive up electricity rates, and say Liberal policies are to blame for a lack of good jobs and a deteriorating health care system.

The Liberals say they need revenue from the Hydro One sale to help fund their $134 billion, 10-year plan for infrastructure and transit projects, and insist the sale won’t impact electricity rates which are set by the Ontario Energy Board.

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