Concerned about how rejigging NAFTA will affect your business?

CME wants to hear from you as it sets policy and advocacy efforts with the feds.

NAFTA partners Canada, the United States and Mexico.
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OTTAWA — There is a lot of uncertainty about the renegotiation of NAFTA and how it will impact manufacturers.

Ottawa-based Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) in partnership with the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition and UPS Canada is conducting a 14-question survey asking businesses what they see as the most pressing issues and concerns, as well as the greatest opportunities to address in NAFTA renegotiations.


Changes to NAFTA: how will renegotiation affect your business

CME will use these responses to develop its policy and advocacy efforts with the federal government. The goal is to ensure Canadian manufacturers receive the best possible access to NAFTA markets while ensuring trade is as free and fair as possible.

The survey (deadline May 31) should take less than 10 minutes to complete, and your responses will be confidential.

Click here to start the survey. And pass the link to members of your networks.

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  1. Nafta is the most useless incompetent deal ever concieved . we lost jobs sovereignty and don’t even think of the huge damage to our environment by invasive species. There is no upside to this scam deal

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