Oil sands spends the most outside Alberta with Ontario, BC suppliers

BC declared the top supplier with 1,586 businesses serving CAPP producers.

CALGARY — British Columbia is the top supplier outside Alberta serving the oil sands in terms of number of companies , but Ontario is ahead in dollars, according to a bi-annual industry review.

The survey of Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) members shows 1,586 small, medium and large BC companies provided goods and services to the oil sands in 2016, just ahead of Ontario’s 1,560.

Oil sands producers spent $7.6 billion with 5,054 businesses across the rest of Canada, $1.7 billion in BC.

Ontario won $3.6 billion worth of business followed by BC and Quebec ($962 million going to 389 suppliers).

Saskatchewan’s 1,218 suppliers’ share was $810 million followed by Manitoba (135 suppliers, $172 million); New Brunswick (35 suppliers, $72 million); Nova Scotia (69 suppliers, $95 million); Newfoundland & Labrador (43 suppliers, $306 million); the Northwest Territories (12 suppliers, $12.5 million); and PEI (seven suppliers, $6 million).

Alberta is not on the CAPP list because the association doesn’t separate its oil sands data from conventional oil and natural gas numbers.

A Statistics Canada report in July projected capital spending in Alberta’s oil sands to be $17 billion, but that does not reflect how much was spent with the province’s suppliers.

CAPP expects global demand for energy to increase 31% by 2040, with oil demand to increase by 12%.

Western Canada’s oil supply is forecast to grow to 5.5 million barrels per day by 2030.

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