New AIS technology tracks small vessels

exactEarth, SRT AIS now provides coverage from space.

CAMBRIDGE, Ont. — exactEarth Ltd. has concluded an agreement with SRT plc to develop and commercialize technology that will track low power AIS transceivers deployed on small commercial and leisure vessels.

AIS is a VHF technology primarily for high intensity earth-based tracking with a reliable range typically limited to approximately 50 nautical miles. High-powered Class A type transceivers are tracked globally by the existing exactEarth AIS satellite network, however transmissions from standard Class B and Identifier type devices can’t be reliably tracked from space.

Since last year, exactEarth and SRT have developed a new technology called ABSEA embedded within standard low powered AIS transceivers that enables their transmissions to be received by exactEarth satellites. This widens the area for extended tracking and sends data to existing networks with incomplete and/or standard coverage limits.

SRT, a provider of advanced AIS based radio communication based in the UK, and exactEarth, a Cambridge, Ont.-based data services company, jointly own the technology and will work together to commercialise the tracking data. SRT will receive a share of the revenues generated from data sales.

The first ABSEA products are to be deployed later this year.

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